Site Selection for Contact Centers

In today’s economy, speed to market is critical as contact centers and BPO companies search for more efficient ways to satisfy their client’s needs.  The average site search process takes 9-12 months from initial search to completion and ready for occupancy.  This timeline is far too lengthy for those who need to open operations quickly for a client.

The solution: 

esrp maintains a proprietary Plug and Play Contact Center Database with over 1,200 available contact center properties.  Many plug and play contact centers are already equipped with workstations, computers, phones and/or generators immediately ready to move in and commence operations.   Our clients have access to this database, that can also filter labor and wage search parameters, as well as our seasoned call center team that can pinpoint the best site in the shortest period of time.

We give you answers in days, not weeks.

Powerful Insights Delivered

Book a session with our team to help plan and execute your 2021 – 2022 strategies. Our analytics and search tools are included in our real estate services…not an additional expensive study you pay for or have to decipher yourself.