Quick, accurate Supply Chain design in days (not weeks)

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esrp offers quick and accurate network design to help you make swift, critical decisions for your distribution centers.  We strongly believe solutions for 2021 need to start NOW.  Our team will quickly deploy the following strategies to have you up-and-ready in the coming year:

1. Optimizing the Right Solution

The two critical factors to consider are always…. Time and Cost.  The real question is what sacrifices are you willing to make?  The answers extend beyond the logistics realm.

  • Who are your customers?  Where are future customers located?
  • Do you need to speed up, reduce costs, or both?
  • Do you compete with the giants, such as Amazon?

esrp answers these big questions to optimize the right solution, while getting every faucet of your business on board.  We curate custom solutions to meet these changing needs – those planned and unforeseen.

2. Good “Future Data” 

Gathering historical data can be time-consuming.  Details on products, customers, and demand may be available, but does it accurately predict the future?  If you have never serviced an area, how can you trust the “data”?

esrp extracts your data and matches it up against consumer demographics to locate new geographies and consumers – leading to accurate and informed decisions.  Coupled with our freight, real-estate, and labor data dashboards – we provide trusted models to ensure successful outcomes.

3. Nimble Modeling

Quickly establishing the baseline, our tools allow us to ask the tough questions.  We can review ocean, ports, drayage, labor, building costs, and shipment factors.  Smart scenarios are analyzed in days – not weeks.  This can include existing and new options for your entire supply chain.

4. Site Selection 

Our database of available facilities identifies real options (and costs) in order to keep your project ahead of schedule – whether it’s a single location, or multiple sites across the country.  Our process includes narrowing sites based on a total-cost model, including transportation, real estate, labor, taxes, and incentives.

5. Data-Driven Decisions 

Involving all the key players in your organization are critical.  We bring together all viewpoints utilizing our esrp360 technology.  Never binders of data left for you to interpret and analyze.  Our team uses interactive, visualizations which communicate the data with clarity to allow for effective decision-making.

Book a session with our team to learn more.