Labor Availability is the Key Criteria in the Evaluation Process

January 15, 2021 – A clear lesson learned from 2020 is eCommerce distribution networks need to be robust, flexible, and able to withstand unforeseen challenges such as COVID-19.  It’s safe to say the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate – forcing rapid changes and shifts in operations and labor.

Many are looking to invest in additional facilities in 2021, and we would suggest labor availability is the singular most important criteria to evaluate when conducting your site selection.  Gone are the days of endless labor.  In today’s marketplace, there is more competition than ever before, and wage rates continue to escalate.  Oftentimes, even within a market, labor availability and average wages vary greatly.  Sites within a few miles from one and other can have a very different profile.

Want to make sure you are choosing the right location to minimize your labor risks?

We harness the power of the best consumer data and interpret it in ways which fuel your strategic decisions and offers new insights.  Our proprietary data and analytics dashboard will not only help you make the right choices in terms of labor availability analysis, we also assist with network optimization and customer segmentation.  esrp will identify the best locations to reduce attrition, increase productivity, and improve quality of service to secure your quality labor force.

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