Ideas on solving for 2021 and avoiding last year’s woes

January 8, 2021

Prior to peak season 2020, most shippers took for granted that their parcel carrier(s) would provide them with limitless capacity that would meet demand. Many learned that this was a false assumption. 

How do you solve for this going forward?  Do you have the agility and tools to survive that again?

First, many are reevaluating their single carrier strategies.  It is expected that going forward, many will look to diversify their options to avoid being held to a single provider.  We learned that adding additional facilities (especially in new markets, where greater parcel capacity may exist) might serve as an effective hedge against a future “parcelmagedon”. 

esrp has the technology and tools necessary to help you conduct a quick and effective network optimization to determine the right markets for expansion.  Maybe a “pop up facility” to handle fast moving seasonal SKU’s?  Perhaps, an additional DC to help make your eCommerce offering more competitive in terms of time-in-transit?

In addition to determining a network, we help you analyze wage rates and labor availability to ensure you not only have the right access to the parcel carriers, you can also staff a new facility effectively.

We strongly believe that the solutions for 2021 need to start NOW. Our teams are prepared to put into motion strategies to have you up-and-ready in the coming year and without the woes of 2020. Book a session with our team to learn more.

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