Bisnow (May 6, 2021) Bisnow shares stories of multi-tasking women in Commercial Real Estate balancing motherhood and working from home in the midst of the pandemic. Including esrp’s Angelica Cofoid.

Angelica Cofoid, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at brokerage esrp, is required to be an expert communicator in her field. 

It’s apparently a talent her daughter, Ellie, picked up from her mom — the 3-year-old learned all kinds of new words while mom dealt with the demands of working with technology at home. 

“She learned a lot of new phrases,” Cofoid said. “‘Just a minute’ and ’email.’ There were other funny words that my husband and I would recognize and say ‘maybe we say those too often to her’ and then she started telling them to us.”

When the pandemic hit and Angelica started working from home, Ellie was still in her terrible twos and decided in this new at-home environment, she was the boss. 

“With toddlers, they don’t sit still,” Cofoid said. “They don’t know how to do anything for themselves. They rely on us. During the pandemic, working from home definitely spotlighted the struggle that working parents go through, and then we felt the pains that educators and stay-at-home parents feel, too.”

Cofoid’s advice for other moms is to appreciate the moms who went before you and who have created the supportive environments sometimes needed to survive when taking care of growing children, particularly in a pandemic. 

“I think I wouldn’t feel as supported or understood in my role as a mom without our amazing company,” Cofoid added. “We have two amazing female leaders, Sharon Morrison, our CEO, and Karra Guess, our CFO. They have been in my shoes, and they get it and they bring so much empathy and understanding to our company as a whole.”