Tenant Advisory

Our tenant advisory team is singularly focused on providing superior representation to national and local companies and organizations. Our unique approach starts by truly understanding the clients' needs before assembling the best team and creating a custom approach.

Project Development Services

We have a track record of creating value for our clients by aligning strategic business plans with our design and construction teams, market knowledge, financing structures and partnerships.


Logistics & Supply Chain
Data & Call Centers
National Account Services


Tenant Advisory

Through collaboration, research and teamwork, we provide strategic brokerage and advisory services centered around our clients’ business and financial goals.

Project-Based Consulting

In addition to commission-based assignments, we offer strategic consulting services such as portfolio assessments, property due diligence, market assessment and reports, development feasibility and partnership structures.

Site Selection

We present premier site selection services through leveraging best-in-class technology. This process includes location analysis, labor market intelligence, transportation and economic incentives. The drivers to your real estate strategy are found in these answers.

Economic Incentives

We assist our clients in identifying, negotiating and securing all available city, county, state and federal incentives. We work through these processes by exploring each and every alternative to generate the greatest occupancy cost savings available.

Financial Analysis

Good real estate decisions are based on good information. We provide detailed analyses throughout the real estate transaction and decision making processes. Understanding all the financial options and their impacts is essential.

Project Development Services

Our development services group has extensive expertise in ground up and retrofit development. We have a track record of creating value for our clients by aligning strategic business plans with market knowledge, financing structures and partnerships, design and construction teams and leasing expertise.


Our clients notice a distinct competitive advantage when in-house real estate functions are performed by our national account services team. This service allows your company to focus on its core business while retaining control of the decision making process.


Landlords hire professionals to bill you for taxes, insurance and CAM. Shouldn’t you have professional advice before paying them? With more than 80% of leases containing billing errors, it’s critical to have yearly detailed reviews of your portfolio.

Market Research

We provide our clients with creative market research by continuously sourcing and analyzing data from every major global market.  We are dedicated to using only the best and most relevant information to identify commercial property trends and deliver projections to help you make critical decisions for your business’s future.


Coupling strategic, data driven practices with creative and robust content, we provide a suite of marketing services created to enhance demand for our clients’ properties and spaces.