Site Selection Services

esrp’s Global Site Selection team specializes in providing site selection services for headquarters, e-commerce, distribution and fulfillment operations, shared services, back office, claims processing, call center, and the customer support industry. We have negotiated over 10 million SF of worldwide locations, including sites in:

Before you think about a new facility, it’s important to first consider the people who are employed there. Your workforce is the key to successful operations—its needs must be considered in advance of any real estate decision. You need access to reliable labor markets, and those markets must be a good fit with your business objectives.

Our goal is to assist our clients in finding a market and location that reduces attrition, increases productivity, improves quality of service, allows them to remain competitive and to find a labor force that meets their quality standards.


Finding these communities is neither intuitive nor easy. We have the data, resources, and the knowledge to make meaningful comparisons. And without those comparisons, you could easily end up with a long-term lease in a location that doesn’t provide a long term, sustainable labor force.


esrp’s clients rely on us to provide cutting edge location analytics with data driven insight in planning and executing real estate strategies. Our sophisticated tools and forecasting solutions assist our clients in making evidence-based decisions that reduce risk, and ultimately cost, in a timely manner.


  • Location consulting
  • Labor pool analysis
  • Population trends and sustainability factors
  • Labor cost analysis and benchmarking
  • Climate risks
  • Infrastructure tracking
  • Competitor and saturation analysis
  • Workforce criteria assessment
  • Incentives assessment and negotiation

Our labor analytics will prove, in highly specific terms, how workforce decisions can assist in making sound real estate decisions—not the other way around. We’ll help specify the various criteria you need to maintain an effective, sustainable workforce, and then we’ll find the communities that meet the labor profile.


We use advanced location analytical tools and GIS mapping platforms with interactive data visualization software to provide a detailed analysis of area labor pools to assess labor costs, availability, quality, and sustainability. Data visualization is not just about making maps, but about providing an understanding of how our clients deal with the data and process it. We create a way for our clients to better understand their own metrics.

These tools allow us to harness the power of big data and location intelligence that is interactive and efficient.

We constantly monitor the labor markets within target communities. Our labor analytics evaluates the following components for each location:

  • Labor Availability: Labor force size from which an employer can draw
  • Labor Cost: Comparable wages paid in the area similar personnel
  • Labor Access: Levels of unemployment, as well as underemployment
  • Labor Quality: Educational levels, skill sets, and competency levels
  • Labor Location: Where labor with required skillsets live, work, and play

We will evaluate specific job descriptions, competitor saturation, job growth projections, and can customize the analytics to any specific requirement, such as benchmarking and establishing the ideal labor profile and population characteristics.

Customer Service Rep. Saturation by Market


We are familiar with local hiring practices, and will introduce the local workforce groups, provide research about companies with whom you will compete for labor in the area, and map them in relation to the local sites you might occupy, assessing any risks to the successful hiring and maintaining of adequate numbers in the same area. We’ll also identify and negotiate any incentives, both statutory and discretionary, that each state and/or community might offer.


Our ability to find and assess viable labor and real estate markets extends well beyond North America. We can accommodate a wide range of global needs and we regularly work with clients seeking to take advantage of global opportunities.

BPO/Back Office Operations

Before you choose a site for new facility, it’s important to weigh the needs of your workforce in each of the communities you investigate:

  • Are there sustainable labor pools in the community?
  • Do available workers have the educational backgrounds and skill sets you require?
  • How much competition will you face for the available labor?
  • Are your infrastructure costs more significant than your labor costs?

Plug-and-Play Facilities

We have vast experience analyzing the workforce needs of large back-office operations. As a result, we maintain a proprietary database that tracks all “plug-and-play” facilities in the US, in areas with reliably sustainable labor forces, ready for occupancy on short notice.

Speed to market is critical. We have already done the ground work that will help you find a building that meets your needs immediately.

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