Timing is everything in incentive negotiations. Companies that make incentives and grants a priority and take the proper steps to create a plan of action, have a greater chance of capturing all of the credits and incentives available.

Once a location has been selected and a commitment made, you’ve lost your bargaining power and may end up leaving money on the table. Working with your site requirements –logistics, labor and other site needs – we will identify specific incentive opportunities, handle site searches in multiple locations and conduct an economic analysis of each location.

Having a strategy to secure the best incentive package is essential. For example, comparing sites that are located in different states can be important, as states are often not able to offer incentives when there is no competition from another location.

A new location involves many variables. Most concern your business needs, which need to be studied long before considering the space that might address them. We will assist by identifying existing grant and incentive processes, reviewing community and government relations procedures, and creating a plan of action for negotiating the best incentive/grants tailored to your company.

Our analysis includes an assessment of current grant and incentive opportunities. Armed with that information, we will help you determine your primary objectives and evaluate incentive opportunities that meet your goals. We then meet with local and state economic development representatives, prepare and submit offers, and review all contracts.

Our team has a depth of expertise and knowledge of local communities and states’ incentive programs; key players in the decision-making process; knowledge of the eligibility requirements for these incentive programs available and what incentive packages have been offered in the past.

Our team of site selection experts negotiates incentive programs covering:

  • State and local programs
  • Discretionary Grants
  • Job Creation Grants / Credits
  • Payroll and Withholding-based Rebates
  • Investment-based Grant and Credits
  • Training Credits / Grants
  • Sales & Use Tax Credits / Rebates
  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • Quality Jobs programs
  • Customized job training programs
  • Property tax abatements, payment in lieu of taxes
  • Industrial revenue bond financing
  • New market tax credits
  • State investment tax credits
  • Enterprise Zone credits
  • Property Tax Abatements
  • TIF Districts / Community Development Block Grants
  • Bond Financing
  • Infrastructure Grants / Loans
  • Expedited Permitting

We will devise a Project Strategy, prepare a business case and develop a preliminary estimate of credit and incentive savings opportunities. Understanding that economic development incentives take several rounds of negotiations, we keep an eye on working toward negotiating benefits that fully integrate with your overall tax, financial, and operational strategies.

We seek to ensure that the benefits being negotiated and secured are fully integrated with overall tax, financial, and operational strategies. Specifically, we will:

  • Represent your interests in meetings with local, state, utility, or other representatives concerning project-related credits and incentives as required.
  • Prepare and submit an incentive offer letters and/or proposals and assist in analyzing the documents, effecting changes as necessary and securing commitments from the appropriate government authorities.
  • Provide liaison between our client and government officials to advance the process of obtaining final program approvals, board resolutions, contracts, and disbursements of incentives.
  • Refine analysis of credit and incentive opportunities and projected benefits.
  • Work with your internal team to determine which incentives will be of value.
  • Prepare recommendations and assist in the negotiation of the final terms.
  • Provide feedback on potential areas of concern in incentive agreements and work with your team and government agencies to negate as much risk as possible.
  • Assist in finalizing all contracts, agreements and other documents to implement incentives.